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    • G DATA 1 year version


  • buy gdata Internet Security

    G DATA - Windows

    Internet Security 1 Device

    Detect and delete of malicious files

    Ability to search and detect infected emails

    Multilayer protection, secure online shopping

    Powerful firewall, control the input the Internet

    Use behavioral and cloud search simultaneously

    €39.00  / €19.00*    One year
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    buy gdata Antivirus for Mac

    G DATA - Mac

    Antivirus for Mac 1 Device

    Protect your Mac from malware

    Protect your Mac from spyware attacks

    protection against viruses, Trojans & phishing

    Protection of banking information & credit card

    Identify a variety of up-to-date & modern threat

    €39.00  / €19.00*    One year
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    buy gdata Total Security

    G DATA - Windows

    Total Security 1 Device

    BankGuard, and online shopping

    Cloud backup on German servers

    Prevent phishing by scanning email

    Intelligent firewall to deal with hackers

    Protection against malware and ransomware

    €39.00  / €19.00*    One year
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    buy gdata Mobile Internet Security

    G DATA - Android

    Mobile Internet Security 1 Device

    Ability to protect against ransomware

    Protection against malicious programs

    Complete & smart protection of device

    CImmediate detection of viruses, trojans

    Full protection against cyber attacks and phishing

    €39.00  / €19.00*    One year
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