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Frequently Asked Questions Internet Download-manager


IDM is one of the top download management software that has many fans among Internet users. The most important feature of this program is adding to all browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, IE, and the ability to directly download all content on Internet sites such as music, video, zip files, etc. using the maximum speed of the Internet connection. This way, you can download the files you need from Internet websites and save them on your system with just one click.


Can IDM be used on multiple computers or operating systems?

Keep in mind that each IDM license is designed to be used on one computer, and to use this program on multiple computers at the same time, you must purchase a separate license for each device. If you use the same series on two or more different devices at the same time, the license will be automatically blocked and you will need to purchase a new license to use the program.


Is it possible to install a license on two or more windows installed on one computer?

Yes, you can use IDM on multiple operating systems installed on one device. For example, if you have two versions of Windows on your computer, you can use the same license on both windows.


Do you need to re-purchase the license by reinstalling Windows or replacing the hardware?

If you want to replace your computer and you want to transfer the purchased license to another system, just delete the program from your previous device and then install and register the program on the new device. This will not block the series. If you are constantly changing your Windows device, please always have the latest version of IDM installed on your system. In newer versions, the software will not block your license on the same device by checking the hardware ID of the device. The manufacturer recommends that you always use the same computer name after reinstalling Windows.




Activate Internet Download Manager


After downloading and installing Internet Download Manager software, to change the program from the test mode to the registry, you must enter the purchased serial to activate the software. To activate the program, follow the steps below :


1. Run the IDM software and click on the Registration option from the Registration menu.

Note: If this menu is inactive, you can click on the link below to open the software registration window:


Internet Download-manager


2. In the Last Name, First Name, and Email fields, enter your correct name, surname, and email address, respectively. Then open the email containing the license sent to you by AQOELA Company and copy the license using the Ctrl + C or right-click keys and paste it in the Serial number box using the Crtl + V or right-click keys. Click OK.



Internet Download-manager



3- Wait a few moments for the program activation to be applied online. Now from the Help menu, click on About IDM.



Internet Download-manager



4- As you can see, the phrase "Full" indicates the successful registration of the software, and the buyer's details, such as the name and part of the serial number purchased, are also displayed in this section.



Internet Download-manager



5- After activating the Registration option color, it will change to gray and will be deactivated. This is normal and indicates that the software is activated correctly.



Internet Download-manager