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How to install and activate Bitdefender




Important Note : According to BitDefender Security Policy, a separate account must be created for each license, otherwise the accounts will be merged and added to the days of the previous account .


1.How to activate the purchased BitDefender license
2.Open the
3. Click on Create one .


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4. Enter your email and password, check the box I agree with the term of Use and click Create account .



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5. In the page that opens, click Activate a subscription .



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6. Enter the purchased license carefully and in capital letters.



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7. Click My Device in the left menu.



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8. In the page that opens, click on INSTALL PROTECTION .



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9. If you want to install antivirus on the device you are working with, click Protect this device .

10.  Click Me .

11. If you are installing on another system, click Protect other devices in step 9 .


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12.  In this file, you download the disposable activated installation .


Note that : by downloading this file, you download the antivirus activated and there is no need to activate the antivirus from within .


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How to check the authenticity of the purchased Kaspersky license

In the menu on the left, first click on My Subscription and then on the i mark (next to the registered license) .


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This page lists the license details in full .


The operating systems on which your license can be used are specified.


1- According to BitDefender rules, you do not have a limit on the number of times you install Windows or antivirus on the same system.

2- Our licenses are original and you have no limit on the number of times you install Windows or Antivirus on the same system.




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