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2023 January 29

Dear user, by reading and agreeing to the terms and conditions, you agree to our return policy.

1. AQOELA is committed to providing original licenses.
2. The license is delivered online and the license is sent to the buyer via email along with the download link.
3. All necessary instructions for installation and activation of the license are posted on the website. Obviously, our experts are ready to provide consulting and guidance services in such cases.
4. If an incorrect email address is entered, we will not be held responsible, so be careful when entering your email address.(if necessary, check your email before paying).
5. The buyer is obliged to read the information about the product and its features, and in case of wrong purchase, due to the license being unusable for others, we have no obligation to return the money. (If the customers are confused at the time of purchase, they can consult with sales and support experts before purchasing.)
6. If after purchase and due to political occasions between the countries, the functioning of the product has a problem, we will do our best to find and provide a solution, but we have no obligation to compensate for damages in these cases and sanctions.
7. After online payment and purchase, the license cannot be returned or exchanged. (unless the problem is related to the license) so you have to be very careful in your choice.
8. Any misuse of someone else's card/account to buy from this website does not incur any legal or civil liability towards this store. After receiving the payment confirmation code from the bank, this store will send the information about the requested item to the email address entered by the buyer.
9. Working days are Saturday to Friday, and of course it is possible to place an order and receive support 7 days a week and 24 hours a day. (Orders and support are done quickly on holidays and non-working days.)
10. Pricing in AQOELA is based on the principles of customer orientation and consumer rights, and due to the wide range of products, in case of fluctuations in the market or mistakes in pricing and in case of product delivery, AQOELA is obliged to inform.
11. Simultaneous and excessive use leads to the loss of the product. In case of such a situation, the buyer is responsible for blocking the license.
12. The user is responsible for blocking the license due to the user not paying attention to the explanations and guides on the site and in the email containing the license. Also, if there is a possible problem in the purchased product, if the user has tried to solve the problem by himself before sharing the problem with the support and caused more problems, the user is responsible for it.
13. Refunds can only be made if the license key is defective.
14. If you decide to use the product within 7 or 14 days or even longer after purchase, you agree to these terms and conditions and automatically agree to waive your cancellation rights. This is to protect digital goods sellers from certain users abusing the system by purchasing a license key, using it, and then requesting a refund.
15. AQOELA is a seller of antivirus and Windows products and is not the manufacturer. We are not responsible for any incompatibility of the product with the computer or mobile phone; Therefore, it is recommended to install the product on your device and make sure it works before buying.
16. If you are not satisfied with our services, you can share your comments and complaints with us via [email protected] so that they can be dealt with as soon as possible.

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We maintain all information under the Privacy Policy - It is also possible for us to contact you via communication channels and you expressly agree to this.

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We will deliver the purchased product to your email within the specified time.

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